Top 10 Travel Websites Worth Following

Top 10 Travel Websites Worth Following

A few months ago, when I decided to begin writing about travel, I started a blog and I also ventured in contacting a few quality travel websites in order to share and promote some of my stories. I was surprised and honored to receive their kind approval which meant a huge step in this “travel writing career” of mine.

Now, I feel this need to share with others my preferences regarding the travel websites/blogs that I regularly read. I’m grateful to each of them for being a source of inspiration for my journeys and a very useful and reliable basis for worldwide travelers. I’m especially thankful to those of them who have accepted me as a contributor alongside their talented, experienced writers which I truly admire.

These are my favorite travel websites, in no particular order:

Matador Network – A very complex travel website consisting of educational articles, great stories, news, events, destinations and many other travel related topics

TravMonkey – Helpful advices for those who want to travel the world, amazing and original experiences shared by people who are always on the road, destinations described in such an innovative and accurate manner and a great editor(Paul Dow) who loves to explore the world and who built all these.

My Life’s a Trip – A charming travel journal, a talented and passionate writer, good stories and a beautiful way to blend all these.