Top 10 Most Expensive Mobile Phones in the World

Mobile Phone is a major necessity or requirement of our daily lives. In Today’s Society, People are more attached to mobile phones than the other things. Mobile phones will become the part of our life. Using mobile phones, you can get attach with worldwide news. Your mobile phone can do all things that your computer can do. If your mobile phone will do everything then you should pay lot of money. Below is the list of top 10 most expensive mobile phones in the world.

1) Diamond Rose iPhone 4 32GB

Diamond Rose iPhone 4 is the world’s most expensive mobile phone. This is also designed by Stuart Hughes. The sides of the phone have been covered with 500 flawless diamonds. The back is also made with rose gold and apple logo studded with 53 additional diamonds. The center navigation button is made up of platinum with a single cut 7.4ct diamond. We can take an engaging selfie with an iPhone. The price of this iPhone is $8 million.

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