Top 10 Best Drinks That Will Help in Weight Loss

3.    Green Tea

One of the most effective drinks that you can think of whenever it comes to reducing excess weight is green tea. It is loaded with antioxidants and also offers metabolism boosters. The green herbal tea is a very effective natural ingredient that will help in weight loss. You can drink hot or chilled green tea and make sure that you do not add sugar to it.

  •   Boil a glass of water and then add a teaspoon of green tea into it. Let it simmer for a few minutes.
  •   Strain the green tea and drink it hot. Repeat this once in the morning and evening every day to enjoy weight loss.
  •   You can also sip cold green tea in the morning and evening to enjoy quick fat burn that will help in effective weight loss.

4.    Yoghurt Smoothies

Yoghurt is rich in calcium and is very effective in reducing weight. Yoghurt has the properties of burning fat easily and it is an ideal ingredient that will help your body to lower the fat production.

  •   Add about half a cup of yoghurt in your favorite smoothie and blend it in a mixer.
  •   Drink this special yoghurt smoothie once or twice a day to reduce fat deposits in your body.

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