Explore the Rugged Terrain of Iceland

Iceland is one of those places that we would LOVE to visit. Apart from fulfilling one of my lifelong dreams of seeing the Northern lights, there are plenty of epic adventures to go on while in Iceland. Fancy going for a dive in between the fault lines in Lake Þingvallavatn separating Europe and America? How about ice caving by Vatnajökullaving? If those aren’t adventurous enough for you, you can also fly over the Bárðarbunga volcano and gaze at spewing lava. (I know, right!)

Hike the the Berchtesgaden Alps in Germany

Now if you asked me a couple of years ago if I would prefer hiking mountains or lying by the beach, I would go for the latter in a heartbeat. Nowadays though, hiking is slowly becoming an enjoyable activity for me. Naturally, when in Germany, what better way to experience the alps than by hiking through the Berchtesgaden National Park. They have a variety of trails which can be easily done during a day trip from Munich.