The Importance of Sight Lines in Interior Design (They’re More Important Than You Think)

They make the first impression

The first view you get of any room is the one from the doorway. For many of us, that initial glimpse is enough to form an opinion on the space. In fact, a study by the Association for Psychological Science found that it only takes us a fraction of a second to form our initial judgments on any given subject. With that in mind, it’s incredibly important to make a room’s first impression count.

The natural place to start is to stand in your own doorway. Give yourself a few seconds to take in the space, paying special attention to where your eyes land naturally. The spot where your eyes rest should become your focal point.

Once you decide on what your focal point will be — whether it ends up being a piece of wall art or some furniture — the next step is making sure your sight line to that item stays clear. Refrain from adding design elements that might obstruct someone’s ability to see the focal point in full.