The 13 most amazing tree houses we’ve ever seen

The Seven Dwarfs’ Hut, British Columbia

These three huts are among the highest tree houses in the world. Though they look like the Seven Dwarfs’ dwelling and lack electricity, they are fit for habitation.

A Human Birdhouse, Japan

If you have ever dreamed of living amongst the birds, then this house is ideal for you. This birdhouse-inspired habitat aims for people and birds to live side-by-side. The interior space is divided in two by a glass wall, which allows the inhabitants to watch wild birds using the house as a temporary nest.

A Monument to Happy Memories, Belgium

This house was designed by Benjamin Verdonck for the local design festival in Belgium. It is situated in the backyard of a nursing home in Ghent. It was designed to look like part of the facility and remind the elderly of their childhoods.