The 13 most amazing tree houses we’ve ever seen

Eco-friendly House, Denmark

A Danish architecture student named Konrad Wojcik designed this dwelling to change the appearance of suburbs. The unique tree-like design helps them look like part of the natural landscape. They serve as a natural shelter that provides shade and protection against predators and bad weather for a wide variety of forest animals.

Lake Muskoka Tree House, Canada

This tree house was designed by architect Lukasz Kos, and it is situated near Lake Muskoka, Ontario. A large family can fit comfortably here. Though the house shakes in strong wind, it is very safe; the designer secured the building with durable steel-wire ropes.

A Woodland Condo, Tennessee

This huge building belongs to a commune in the woods of Tennessee, USA. The house is more than 50 years old, and 90% of it is made of wood.