The 10 Most Amazing Roof Top Pools in the World

Ubud Hotel, Payangan, Bali

The swimming pool on the Ubud Hotel’s roof top may not be as expansive but the sight in this location is absolutely jaw-dropping. The pool exudes tranquility because of its design and the location.

Ubud Hotel designed it to be an infinity pool so it gives the illusion that the water just continues to flow gently. Hence, even if it is not that big, guests do not feel entrapped in a cramped pool. The surroundings are also beautifully decorated by the landscape around the hotel and it opens up to the bright sky outside.

The Clarion Hotel Post, Gothenburg, Sweden

For those who are looking for a place which has a very romantic and dramatic atmosphere, this is the best pick. The large scale windows expose the beauty of the surroundings but this rooftop pool is also enclosed in modern-designed walls for added intimacy.

It is not just the view of the pool that interests people because the history of the building makes it even more appealing. The building used to be a post office in the 1920’s. When it was restored, the building was converted to a hotel with 500 rooms, crowned by this splendid pool.