Shore Beauty: The World’s 10 Most Amazing Beaches

Red Beach, Kaihalulu, Hawaii

The Red Sand Beach of Kaihalulu can be found on the Hawaiian island of Maui, south of Hana Bay on the far side of Ka’uiki Hill. The beach is relatively narrow, a factor which combined with its isolation makes it popular with nude sunbathers.
From high overhead, the Kaihalulu Red Sand Beach takes on a rusty hue reflecting the high iron oxide (rust) content in the sand eroding from an inland cinder cone. Add water, as the Pacific Ocean does with each crashing wave, and the rust-red sands take on a darker, more rufous hue.

Hyams Beach, New South Wales, Australia

Though many beaches sell themselves by advertising their pristine white sand, Hyams Beach in southern Australia takes the cake – with vanilla icing on top. Located 3 hours drive south of Sydney, the beach’s fine, soft, powdery white sands are recognized by none other than The Guinness Book of Records as having the whitest sand in the world. Those planning a trip should put both sunglasses and sunscreen atop their “to bring” list.
The outstanding photograph above was taken by Bill Kaloudis on the north side of Hyams Beach on the shore of Jervis Bay. Even with limited light, the beach’s brilliant white sands manage to reflect enough sunlight to stand out from the darker rocks at the water’s edge.