Most Amazing Creative Inventions and Concept Designs

Laser headphones

The Glow Laser headphones light up with vibrant laser technology that pulsates to the music you’re listening to. They can also check your heart rate, which makes them very useful for those joggers who prefer running at night.

A smart plate

Annet Bruil, a Dutch social designer, has found her way to create a positive impact on people in their struggle to become healthier. She designed a special plate with sections that visually divide your food and show the sufficient amount needed of each kind.

Shoes with removable heels

You can magically turn your comfortable ballet flats to stylish high-heel shoes. Tanya Heath, a fashion designer from Canada, invented interchangeable heels to reconcile comfort and style. The heels come in variety of colors and styles, so that you could mix and match them your very own way.