Most Amazing Creative Inventions and Concept Designs

‘AddWash’ feature for your washing machine

This smart invention was designed especially for those who start a washing cycle and then find some additional laundry to add. It’s extremely useful and a simple-to-use feature; the machine has an additional door, which allows you to add more laundry without stopping the washing cycle.

A thundercloud lamp

Thanks to Richard Clarkson everyone now can have their very own cloud in their apartment. And that is not all. The lamp can turn into a thundercloud, too! Such design with a built-in acoustic system allows you to enjoy the presence of a thundercloud in your room without taking the risk of getting wet and cold.


These tables are made especially for real cat lovers and their feline friends. Each of four wooden cubes has different holes that have been carved out. Your pets will definitely enjoy exploring them. You can place the cubes anywhere you like and use them as tables or chairs.