Most Amazing Creative Inventions and Concept Designs

This faucet turned water saving into a beautiful process

Simin Qiu, a young designer from London, came up with the brilliant idea of how to combine water saving, energy saving and great design in one single invention. His faucet saves up to 15% of water in the same pressure and also makes the running water so enjoyable to look at by swirling it.

A bee hive that harvests honey automatically

Bees are provided with a partially-completed walls of honeycomb cells that are ‘sealed’ with bees wax. When the cells are filled with honey, the beekeeper can open the other side of the box, allowing the honey to flow out into a tap without disturbing the bees. After the process of honey harvesting is over, the bees open the cells again and fill them up with honey.

A portable printer device

Printeroid is a clever device that allows you to print out documents directly from your iPhone or iPad. This miniature, easy-to-carry printer requires a special photographic paper available in 10 meter rolls. It also prints business cards, tickets and stickers!