Most Amazing Creative Inventions and Concept Designs

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A nest bed

Merav Eitan and Gaston Zahr, a designer duo from Israel, came up with some unconventional looking pieces of furniture. Their bed is shaped like a nest, and it can fit up to 16 sleepy birdies. It’s also available in four different sizes.

A bookmark lamp

This is a great gift idea for those who love reading and can’t put the book down, even at night. This bookmark is also a source of light which will be just enough for you to enjoy reading without disturbing others.

A bathsphere

Alexander Zhukovsky, a Russian designer, created a hanging glass bathsphere that will definitely mix up all your feelings. When you’re inside this amazing sphere, you will find it difficult to tell whether you’re levitating or submerged into water.


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This faucet turned water saving into a beautiful process

Simin Qiu, a young designer from London, came up with the brilliant idea of how to combine water saving, energy saving and great design in one single invention. His faucet saves up to 15% of water in the same pressure and also makes the running water so enjoyable to look at by swirling it.

A bee hive that harvests honey automatically

Bees are provided with a partially-completed walls of honeycomb cells that are ‘sealed’ with bees wax. When the cells are filled with honey, the beekeeper can open the other side of the box, allowing the honey to flow out into a tap without disturbing the bees. After the process of honey harvesting is over, the bees open the cells again and fill them up with honey.

A portable printer device

Printeroid is a clever device that allows you to print out documents directly from your iPhone or iPad. This miniature, easy-to-carry printer requires a special photographic paper available in 10 meter rolls. It also prints business cards, tickets and stickers!


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A scooter backpack

This scooter easily transforms into a backpack and you can take it everywhere you go!

SOFT Rockers

This hi-tech invention charges during the day with solar energy to supply you with soft lights in the evening.

Available parking spot detector

Green and red lights over every parking spot indicate if the parking spot is free or occupied.

‘Blooming’ lanterns

itizens of Jerusalem are now able to enjoy an unusual installation in their city — it’s a set of large, 9-meter-high street lanterns designed in the shape of flowers that unfold their artificial leaves as a man or vehicle approaches.


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‘AddWash’ feature for your washing machine

This smart invention was designed especially for those who start a washing cycle and then find some additional laundry to add. It’s extremely useful and a simple-to-use feature; the machine has an additional door, which allows you to add more laundry without stopping the washing cycle.

A thundercloud lamp

Thanks to Richard Clarkson everyone now can have their very own cloud in their apartment. And that is not all. The lamp can turn into a thundercloud, too! Such design with a built-in acoustic system allows you to enjoy the presence of a thundercloud in your room without taking the risk of getting wet and cold.


These tables are made especially for real cat lovers and their feline friends. Each of four wooden cubes has different holes that have been carved out. Your pets will definitely enjoy exploring them. You can place the cubes anywhere you like and use them as tables or chairs.


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Cracked log lamps

Duncan Meerding, a furniture designer from Tasmania, uses old cracked logs to create his nature-friendly lamps. The lamp produces soft light and can also be used as a small table or something comfortable to sit on.

 A heat/cold charging device

Epiphany One Puck uses a heat disparity concept to transform heat energy to electrical energy. The red side of the puck should be used for hot beverage and the blue one for your cold drink. Place it on the platform and 30 seconds later you can charge your phone and enjoy your drink, of course.

A balloon-shaped lamp

A great decorating idea for your children’s room. They will totally love these balloon-shaped lamps that are always right there in their bedroom.


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Laser headphones

The Glow Laser headphones light up with vibrant laser technology that pulsates to the music you’re listening to. They can also check your heart rate, which makes them very useful for those joggers who prefer running at night.

A smart plate

Annet Bruil, a Dutch social designer, has found her way to create a positive impact on people in their struggle to become healthier. She designed a special plate with sections that visually divide your food and show the sufficient amount needed of each kind.

Shoes with removable heels

You can magically turn your comfortable ballet flats to stylish high-heel shoes. Tanya Heath, a fashion designer from Canada, invented interchangeable heels to reconcile comfort and style. The heels come in variety of colors and styles, so that you could mix and match them your very own way.


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‘Rainy day’ pots

This insanely cute little pot can be attached to the wall. Place the water into the cloud reservoir and your plants will be watered with filtered rain right from the ‘sky.’

A window balcony

With minimum efforts you can easily transform your window into a balcony.

A Kotatsu table from Japan

A Kotatsu is a traditional Japanese low table covered by a futon, or heavy blanket. There is a heat source underneath, which is often built into the table itself.


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