How to whiten dark armpits overnight?

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egg yolk oil

Egg oil is very essential for your body as it contains omega 3 which will increase new skin cells and make your skin portion healthy and attractive in nature. You can apply this at night before going to bed and then wash it away the next day morning.


The vegetable which is very common and is readily available at our home can also prove as a wonderful remedy for the white armpits. You can use potato in two forms. First of all peel a potato and slice it in round shape. Now apply it over the area of your armpit and rub vigorously so that the juices can stay over the skin for a long time. You can also make potato pulp and apply it under the arm. Keep it for sometimes and remove with water.


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Take a slice of lemon and rub a thick potion over the dark area on your armpit. The citrus fruit will be really effective removing the dead skin cells and make your skin tone lighter and brighter. Apply it in your under arm and see the different in just few days.

Packs to remove dark patches over the skin

A wonderful natural whitening pack must be applied over the portion of your armpit which will also form a thick paste to be applied over the under arm portion. In order to make this whitening skin pack, all you have to do is take two spoon of chickpea flour and also add a spoon of yogurt. Mix both the ingredients well and add a pinch of turmeric and lemon to it. Mix it well and apply in your under arm portion such that it covers entire portion. Keep this for 30 minutes and then remove it with plain water.


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Diet for underarm darkness

Sometimes the cause behind the darkness over your under arm can be improper diet.  You must restrict consumption of food rich in sugar and starch as this helps in reducing dark layer forming under your arms.


With the presence of fatty acids and vitamins it will be effective to get a lightening effect over you’re under arm portion.  You can now make a past with two tablespoon of milk, a teaspoon of flour and a single teaspoon of curd. Mix then and apply over your armpit in such a way that it covers your entire under arm. Stretch up your hands in such a way that the armpit portion remains exposed and can be dried easily. You just need to keep this for 15 minutes and then remove it with Luke warm water.


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People have been exfoliating their face and skin based on their requirement. Some ladies does it once in every 2-3 days where as others do it weekly. But, people may not have realized about the requirement of exfoliation over the armpit portion. If your armpit has become dark and really unattractive, it is the time for you to go ahead with exfoliating technique. There are many products in the market to exfoliate your skin.  You can also avail the natural exfoliation ways at home.

Use quality deo

You must be using the deodorants during the summers in order to make your skin free from sweat. But have you ever seen the brand and variety that you are using. Some people are repeatedly using the cheap quality deo as those can save many portions from your bank balance. But, the unhealthy will impact you the most in this situation. You can also get the armpits getting dark toned in this situation. Thus, it is better to use the deo that is of a good quality.


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This is a natural way through which you can make your underarm skin light and attractive. There are several ways to use this cucumber. First one which is really simple will be slicing off the cucumber and rubbing it against your skin. Alternatively you can grind and make pulp out of the cucumber. Then some lemon juice must be included over the cucumber pulp. Mix it well and apply over your under arm portion. Keep this portion open by raising your hands up. Then let it dry for some time. Once it is dry you can wash it away.

Aloe vera juice

Aloe Vera that is natural extracted from the Mother Nature works well in removing the darkness over your skin layer. All you have to do is Take an Aloe Vera leaf and cut it from the middle. Cut the middle portion of the leaf and take out the get from it.  This gel should be applied over the armpit portion. Let it stay for some time and then remove it ideally.


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