Festivals in the Netherlands

Tulip and Flower Festival

Okay so not the most exciting but this festival is so different and classically Dutch that I had to include it. Probably one of the prettiest festivals around. During Spring, Holland is filled with fields of tulips and flower bulbs in every color on the spectrum. If you want to step into a Dutch postcard, then head to Keukenhof or Cleveland for wooden shoes, windmills, and 32-hectare gardens displaying 8 million flowers from March to May. In April between Noordwijk and Haarlem, you can also catch the flower parade which involves a procession of floats displaying giant dolls made of flowers, with jugglers and dancers and a whole lot of fun.

When: 23rd March to 21st May

Other festivals to look out for in the Netherlands:

  • Nieuwjaarsduik – This festival is called the New Year’s Day Dive where thousands of people take part in the ‘polar bear plunge.’ This is basically where everyone jumps into icy water! Scheveningen is where the main event takes place but you will find it taking place everywhere across the country. (When: Jan 1)
  • King’s Day – An annual event honoring the king, thousands of people party in the streets of Amsterdam in April from dawn until dusk. Expect hundreds of market stalls, parades, the national color orange everywhere and the whole shebang! (When: April 27)
  • The Rotterdam Summer Carnival – A huge latino, Brazilian festival marching through the streets with live music, drum battles, and cultural dancing. (When: End of July)
  • The Saint Nicholas Festival – From mid-November to the 5th of December, thousands of people will line the canal to welcome Sinterklaas. Kicking off the Christmas festival, Sinterklaas and his 600 black faced assistants will parade through Amsterdam bringing spicy biscuits to everyone. (When: Mid November to early December)