Festivals in France

Tour de France

Okay so maybe playing fast and loose with the term ‘Festival’ here but major events count in my opinion! If you’re planning on traveling to France then definitely try to go when the Tour de Franceis taking place. The track changes every year so whether you want to catch the race in one of the small medieval villages like Dinan or the finale at Paris, it is worth looking into. I have actually had the experience of standing on the sidelines of this event and although you wait for hours for that 30-second glimpse of the world’s greatest cyclists whizzing past, I haven’t experienced anything like it since. One thing I will say is that the atmosphere of the crowds building all day is what makes this event so exciting and unique.

 When: July

Other festivals to look out for in France:

  • La Fete de la Bastille – Bastille Day is arguably one of the biggest events in France, marking the beginning of their revolution. Celebrated throughout the whole of France, wherever you are there will be an awesome street party! If you want to be right in the middle of it all though, Paris is the place to be for parades, firework displays, a masquerade ball at the site of the old bastille prison and in general just a huge party. (When:  July 14th)
  • Mardi Gras – The French equivalent of pancake day, the tradition of lent has now become a great party with street theater and masquerades, and fireworks. For these festivals, head to the south coast such as Nice. (When: day before Ash Wednesday)
  • Cannes Film Festival – A glamorous, celebrity spotting event showcasing the world’s best films and popular indie films. If you aren’t keen on traveling for celebrities then travel here for the atmosphere and a seat to see new releases at the public open air cinema on the beach. (When: mid-May)