Festivals in Spain

La Tomatina Festival

One Spanish Fiesta I would absolutely love to take part in is the La Tomatina, or ‘the tomato throwing festival’ as it is known to the majority of us. This festival is literally exactly how it translates as you spend an hour pelting tomatoes at each other. Why you may ask? For fun! Every year on the last Wednesday in August in the little town of Buñol near Valencia, 175 tons of ripe tomatoes are offloaded from trucks ready for “the world’s biggest food fight.” La Tomatina is thought to have come about by a food fight between local children in 1945. how cool is it that you get to be a part of this historical annual event!

Other festivals to look out for in Spain:

  • Los Sanfermines – This is the classic running of the bulls festival that we’ve all heard of. A 7 day Basque rite-of-manhood party as every morning six bulls are released into the streets where the brave take on the challenge to run with them. (When: July 6th – 14th)
  • Festival Grec de Barcelona– A festival celebrating art and culture through theater, dance, and music. (When: July)
  • Gracia Festival- The biggest street festival in Barcelona in the Gracia neighborhood (When: August 15th – 21st)
  • Sitges Carnival – The wildest, gay pride party of the year in Spain which is held in Barcelona.(When: Early February)
  • Fallas de Valencia – The most explosive carnival/Spanish Fiesta you will ever see! 5 days of partying with parades, pageants and fireworks topped off with a complete blackout of the city. As soon as the lights go out, hundreds of paper-maché caricatures are set on fire and released into the sky. Soon, the fireworks inside these caricatures explode, lighting up the city in a wide array of color and pizzaz. (When: March 15th – 19th)