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10 Most Beautiful Beaches in the World

September 11, 2017 GEO NEWS 0

  Navagio Beach, Greece A small, secluded cove on the north-west shore of Zakynthos Island, Navagio is widely regarded as the most spectacular beach in Greece, and one of its most photographed sights. Surrounded by steep cliffs and the iridescent turquoise waters of the Ionian Sea, the sugar-white beach – with its iconic ancient shipwreck…

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5 Dazzling White Towns in Europe

September 9, 2017 GEO NEWS 0

Ostuni, Italy One of Puglia’s best looking towns, Ostuni stands out for its stunning 15th-century Gothic cathedral and bright, whitewashed historic center. It is situated in the province of Brindisi, about 8 km inland from the enticing Adratic shores, and is a breathtaking illustration of Mediterranean architecture with medieval touches. A lively and intriguing maze…

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A Few Travel Tips For When in Paris

September 7, 2017 GEO NEWS 0

We love Paris because it has lots of charming stories entwined around it, because it’s romantic, because it’s home of Disneyland, Tour Eiffel, Champs Elysees, Le Louvre, Notre Dame de Paris, Versailles, because it has been always beautifully pictured in the movies we’ve seen or the books we’ve read, but most of us love Paris…

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The Most Luxurious Hotels in Vienna

September 7, 2017 GEO NEWS 0

Vienna Runs on Beauty, Music, and Pastry If you made a list of the most civilized cities in the world, Vienna would be at or near the top. As Austria's capital, and before that the seat of the all-powerful Austro-Hungarian Empire, Vienna is a bastion of refinement. This city is an epicenter of classical music,…

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The 9 Michelin-Starred Restaurants to Book in Portugal

September 5, 2017 GEO NEWS 0

It’s easy to find a good, simple meal at a family-run restaurant in Portugal for well under ten euros — but don’t be fooled into thinking that’s all that’s on offer. With nearly two-dozen Michelin-starred locations spread from top to bottom of the country (and even on the mid-Atlantic islands), exceptional dining experiences are very accessible, often…

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9 Reasons to Go to The Island of Madeira

September 4, 2017 GEO NEWS 0

Although it's part of Portugal, the island of Madeira is closer to Africa than it is to Europe. A four-hour flight from London and Paris, this stunning subtropical island is often compared to Hawaii for its volcanic landscapes, rugged coastline and botanical wonders. We've highlighted nine reasons to visit Madeira, a destination that offers European…

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13 Unique and Fascinating Cemeteries to Visit in Europe : Travel

August 9, 2017 GEO NEWS 0

While cemeteries are always associated with death, grief, and sorrow, they can also be fascinating places to visit, attracting the living with their strange serenity, striking architecture, or manicured park-like grounds. From bizarre ancient necropolises to architecturally stunning contemplative spaces and veritable outdoor museums, these eerily beautiful and totally unique cemeteries in Europe are worth…

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August 7, 2017 GEO NEWS 0

Google Translate Free, available for iOS, Android You've probably used Google Translate on your internet browser from time to time, but you should consider installing the app variant on your smartphone, too. It translates more than 100 different languages from around the world. Even if you don't have an internet connection, the app is able to translate 52…

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Top 10 Travel Websites Worth Following

July 10, 2017 GEO NEWS 0

Top 10 Travel Websites Worth Following A few months ago, when I decided to begin writing about travel, I started a blog and I also ventured in contacting a few quality travel websites in order to share and promote some of my stories. I was surprised and honored to receive their kind approval which meant…

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5 Most Delicious Cities In Europe

March 27, 2017 GEO NEWS 0

5 Most Delicious Cities In Europe Croissants in Paris, pasta in Italy, or chocolate in Belgium? A bit of everything, please! Being a foodie does not mean to devastate every fast-food that comes in your way, it means to have a real passion for food and drink, to appreciate the culinary technique, and to find pleasure not in…

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