Are Nuts Good for Weight Loss?


Cashews are rich in carbohydrates but at the same time they are also good in improving metabolic syndrome but enough of cashews will lea to weight gain.


Peanuts are rich in fiber, anti-oxidants,fat, vitamin-E, dietary protein. They helps in reducing heart related problems as it contains both mono and poly unsaturated fats. Excessive peanuts intake may lead to gas, heartburn, weight gain too. One should avoid salted peanuts as they disturb the nutritional value and increases the calorie.


Eating raisins in correct portion won’t cause weight gain. As they are rich in sugar so it is advised to take in correct portion s it can lead to weight gain and increase blood glucose level of sugar patients too. Mostly it is used aa a sugar replacement in sweet dish. For example, raisins can be added in kheer, custards, vermicelli, shakes, etc as a sugar replacement.

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