Amazing 3D Printed Objects That Will Blow Your Mind Away

Biodegradable body parts!

Last but not least, what is thee most greatest thing that’s larger than food, clothing, people’s faces, beauty,guns, buildings etc.?……LIFE! Nothing is and will never be larger than life and all living things on this planet. People’s lives are valuable and so are their body parts since it’s something they were born with. As we grow older there are some times when we may lose some of our body parts or hurt its original flesh form which is a natural process and is part of being human. Because our bodies are made of flesh and bones, they are very precious to mankind and at the same time absolutely fragile too. This is the one thing we cannot bear to depart with, any of our body parts for that matter. 3D printed body parts has, with no surprise become a thing of reality in motion as we speak. Biodegradable body parts work as follows: Let’s say for an example you lose an earlobe for some reason. Another ear lobe can be printed in that shape and with the fusion of medical sciences, it can be filled with substances that work hand in hand with your natural body parts in order to reform to that shape while multiplying some of your skin and cells over the 3D printed objects shape which eventually forms back into the original skin form, while degrading the 3D object after the new fresh skin layer grows over it!! This ultimately is evidence that god really exists somehow if he could deploy such mindsets in humans to do the work of what we thought only god could naturally do for humans. 3D printing can be considered as Life itself after this invention and we hope to see what’s next that we haven’t seen, which can be printed in the future!