Amazing 3D Printed Objects That Will Blow Your Mind Away

Five story office building

By this number 2 ranking of outrageous 3D printed objects, it has been taken to extremes. Just when we think printing food, guns and cars is insane, wait till you hear that a 5 story office building was also 3D freaken printed!!! Does this mean that the building has been put up at just the cost of using an industrial 3D printer? Regardless, this was as amazing and extreme 3D printing could have gotten which simply means to builders and construction personnel that if parts of what will eventually form the whole of a 5 story building, then builders and companies, now don’t have to go through the physical labor of weeks of brick and cement laying, metal sheeting and rodding and it won’t exactly take more than 6 months anymore for the building to be built as it’s been done for the past few centuries. But the big question here is that if parts of a 5 story building can be printed and assembled, how many people, heavy items and other things will it be able to hold above and below each other, how high can it be built, how stable is this building against certain nature and manmade forces etc.