Amazing 3D Printed Objects That Will Blow Your Mind Away

GUNS! And gun parts

In terms of 3D printed objects that is unbelievable, 3D printed guns are outrageous, but not unpredicted as its only to serve as work station and a huge assistance to gunsmithers of the ‘black industry’ (illegal suppliers of unlawful things‘). While 3D printers, 3D printing is perfectly legal and patented for sale to ordinary civilians within the use of their home, office or any other premises, 3D printing guns isn’t actually according to what the law would be happy about. As though the black market of producing and selling illegal firearms isn’t troublesome enough. Gun laws as well as gun control in any country is regulated by selling certain core parts of a gun that makes it possible to fire a projectile are extremely guarded and sold to only trusted and licensed personnel with strict laws behind it. What happens however when some gun enthusiast gets creative and creates the 3D blueprint of that part and uploads it to a network of thousands of gun owners who need just that part for their guns to fire? This is yet to cause world outrage of gunfire, murders, havoc, and chaos in the law enforcing agencies and street violence. It is possible however and the law cannot stop it once it gets to that point and goes viral. This is primarily where the destruction of technology and its use will go for the absolute wrong and injustice of its invention and may even be subject to being banned by authorities. The good thing here however is that this may only really be possible to do on an industrial printer which only Millionaires would be able to afford and that too by a lot of restrictions, however plastic parts can be printed and used as molds for the real metal cast thing and a few tweaking’s to custom fit what it was intended to be used for which is the scary part.

3D Printed Car (Strati Car)

Oh how lovely. Why spend $20 000 or have to go through the trouble of saving so much or more to purchase a market retail vehicle when you can spend around $2000 to print your own with a revolutionized and futuristic edge to your design etc.? Yes this may shock you but 3D printed parts of a car can eventually be put together and built as a car on its own. A real life road worthy and drivable car that can perform basic functions like other normal cars can as well as with a bit of a unique blend of creativity to it. The ability to custom make parts to be put as a car or to enhance your existing car to look like anything you want is certainly a god given gift and certainly technology taken to extremes. The beauty of this ,is that one now has the freedom to add in their own designs of the body, replace certain old parts with a fresh looking new one, print a counterpart of a fender ,door etc. That’s been smashed by another car collision, rusted etc. This virtually means if you can now build your own vehicle with the right amount of expertise and you can do repairs on your own too, saving you thousands in the long ‘run’, literally and figuratively too. This is truly an added bonus to the vehicle industry and vehicle owners who will definitely give “pimp my ride” a run for their money. This may also pose a huge threat to auto mechanics also who may lose business to some sad levels.