Amazing 3D Printed Objects That Will Blow Your Mind Away

Medical Implants

Here is, where the Top 10 3D printed objects become extremely interesting. So let’s say you go to a doctor, dentist or any respected professional of the medical field and need something that cannot be easily bought of the counter, something as precious as a new set of teeth or false teeth that is exclusive to the size and shape of your mouth, or let’s say to fill in the gaps of some missing teeth that requires a certain fit, size, shape and precision-ly cut thing to fit exactly where you need it to be without looking much different from the rest. You bet that with 3D printed medical implants, this can now be possible too. Now your medical implants can look and feel more realistic, professional and with a technological edge cut as well. Literally and physically. Although technology allows for a new dimension in medical implants, its advised not to purposefully destroy yourself to get a medical implant since it’s fairly expensive and nothing beats the natural gifted parts you were given.

Ultra-Realistic face mask

Have you watched a movie which the actors play a duplicate role, good and evil men with the same face standing next to each other but they aren’t twins, it’s a doppelganger and they are made so freaky because they look identical this is something amazing. Now we don’t have to go and spend thousands on plastic surgery to destroy a good natural face since you can simply print one of your own, just exactly the way you want it to be. This can now give you the ultimate ‘heeling’ edge as you can instantly in an hour repair or patch yourself up with realistic skin texture and the simple thing like the blood clot in your eyes will be printed too, identical to the real thing! You want a nose, you want a certain color eye, different shaped lips or ears, whatever it may be in terms of a physical characteristics you desire can now be created. Can you imagine with this technology, how many doppelganger Michael Jackson’s, Elvis Presley‘s or Kim Kardashians are probably roaming the streets and taking over the original persons form, fooling an entire country, then it’s all over the news caught doing something they not known to do, only to realize it was a hipster with an identically created skin texture mask of the original??! If I had one, I would have caused mental destruction playing with people’s imaginations. As fun as it sounds to create a carbon copy face of yourself and others too, it’s crazy and can cause more damage to society as anything else if done the wrongful way.