Amazing 3D Printed Objects That Will Blow Your Mind Away

3D Printed Makeup

Artificial colorants are something of a life saver to women especially and has dominated the women product sales industry for several occasions. It is a huge demand in the fashion, modeling industry or just by the usual girls who fancy abit of powder on their skin, lipstick and all the other unnecessary money wasting things in life. Nobody can blame them for it since women are women and these things actually look beautiful on them or enhances their beauty to some level. Touch of red or touch of powder. For the women there are some times where make up runs out and so now it can be created and compressed at home. If women can make their own make-up at home, it most certainly poses as a huge threat to the Billion dollar Beauty industry.


Women love shoes! Dammit, men like shoes too but really, women absolutely overdo it don’t they? Men? They seem to be more attracted to and attached to the ‘soles’ of their shoes rather than the ‘souls’ of real people, good men these days. This is the destruction of the world, where physical objects and material things become more valuable than a human life. This is the world as we know it though and not much can be changed. Some women may fancy a certain,shape,size,color and style of a shoe, be it a heel, flat type or casual slip on use they would roam around for hours in the markets searching for it but who would of thought that they’d go to the extent of actually making their own shoes?? Jeez that is dedication I would say. Never the less I would say printing shoes, is a ‘step’ in the right direction for women as it would save men hours of time and torture of having to tolerate them in their store window shopping or wasted time looking at things they can’t afford anyway.