8 Unconventional Compliments Every Woman Wants To Hear

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“You’re Superb At Your Job”

In today’s day and age women really want some sort of career encouragement especially from their significant other. It isn’t just a positive push but it dials down any sort of competitive nature she may think you have with her or otherwise. Besides a man praising a woman about her work is rare and quite something!

“You’re A Strong Woman”

Telling a woman she’s strong is really appreciated. There is a lot of truth in this though. Women may be a little more emotional than men but they’re strong creatures that can endure hardships at any given day. So flex your emotional muscle a tad and tell your girl how you appreciate her strength. Whether it’s her strong political beliefs or her ability to work hard and take care of things around, let her know your appreciation for her inner strength.


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“You’re A Good Friend”

We really value our friendships. Yes we do! We love to solve each other’s messed up lives and later maybe gossip about it a little! Whatever it is, we’ve proved to be very efficient and dedicated friends so we would love it if you could recognise and appreciate our ardent ways of being a good friend. So next time your girl is being a good supportive friend, let her know!

“My Friends & Family Really Like You”

We sure as hell don’t need anyone’s approval but you could make us feel a part of your tribe once in a while too. We could use the knowledge of your friends thinking we’re pretty damn swell. Sometimes there is a huge grey area around ‘whether or not his friends like me or what they think of me’. You can break the ice and tell her that your friends love her and make her smile just on that thought.

“You’re Smart”

Of course we know we’re smart and we’re sure men are no longer intimidated by smart women, right? Come on guys, its 2017! Just once a while praise your girl’s intellect. They’re not just beautiful with a great bod, they’re a lot more than that and let them know that.


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“You’re Funny”

So, it’s not just a guy thing to be funny. It can be either way. If you’re laughing at her jokes, she’s funny. As simple as that. And be sure to let her know that once a while. I’m sure she tells you how funny you are when she laughs mindlessly at your jokes!

You can also go on a roll of you’re sexy, you’re beautiful, you’re so hot or you’re a good driver or a good cook but the above mentioned compliments are a bit more unconventional and are rarely said out loud. So whenever you do get a chance, say them out loud and make her feel special. What say?


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