5 Creative Ways to Get Bold Colors into Your Space

Bold colors make a delightful addition to just about any space. They add an eye-grabbing element that just pulls you in. They also work well in a variety of styles, from the children’s room to artistic or boho spaces for adults. An accent color in a single piece can also work well in modern and minimalist spaces to provide a subtle pop of color.

Take a look below for some creative ways to work bold color into your home. These ideas vary depending on how much effort you’re willing to put in, from retiling a bathroom to placing a few colorful furniture pieces around the room.

Wild jelly chairs

The jelly chairs in the photo above offer a neat idea. Their see-through quality casts bright hues on the space behind them. Going for different shades in each chair gives a fun, artistic look.

Combining brightly colored chairs with other colorful aspects in the room also gives a sense of cohesion in the space. For instance, the chairs pair well with the bold, colorful wall art behind the bar area. The neon orange bar stools fit right into the style. Meanwhile, more subtle accents like the bright yellow flowers on the table complete the look.

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