20 Amazing Facts About Baby Developing In The Womb

20 The Heart Starts Beating At 18 Days

It doesn’t feel like a lot happens in 18 days. That’s really just over 2 weeks, which in every day life can seem like just the standard drag at work and going through the motions. Unless it’s vacation time, 2 weeks isn’t always that significant.

Unless, of course, you’re growing a baby inside you then 18 days is remarkably amazing. Just 18 days after conception, the baby’s heart starts beating. This is pretty incredible to think that from an ova and sperm combining, a heart beat can appear in such a short amount of time. Just a few days after the heart starts beating, it also starts pumping blood. This occurs at 22 days. Often women don’t even realise they’re pregnant until two weeks after conception, and by this time the heart is already beating. This is a good reason to stay on top of things if you’re trying to conceive!

19 Fertilisation Is More Than Just An Egg

It is simple to think of fertilisation as being just an egg and a sperm colliding in the uterus. However, there is much more that happens during the fertilisation process. When fertilisation happens, the cell membrane of the sperm fuses with the cell membrane of the egg. After this, the egg undergoes a division of meiosis.

 Then there are a bunch of haploids happening and diploids making chromosomes. All of this is actually happening in the fallopian tube. This is where the egg becomes fertilised and takes on the title of zygote, before it continues its journey to the uterus. Then it lodges itself to the wall of the uterus lining and this is where the fun really begins for you!

After this, the fertilisation process becomes conception. This is divided into many stages, including implantation, gastrulation, and embryogenesis in the first three weeks before moving into the fetal period.