15 Amazing Celeb Moms Who Breastfed




15 Scarlett Johansson

 First up would be the Avengers’ very own Black Widow and the lead actress from ‘Ghost in the Shell’. This husky beauty claimed that breastfeeding helped her body get back into shape. Really? Is it the way you breastfeed? Why are the rest of us still looking like potato sacks then?

Oh wait, (smacks self on forehead) she has a personal trainer and tons of ‘assistance’ that the rest of us normal citizens do not have. Now I get it!

But no matter, it still takes alot of determination to wake up in the middle of the night or stop halfway through a movie shoot or editorial just to satisfy your baby’s non stop hunger. Celebs like Scarlett Johansson probably have irregular working hours and to be able to breastfeed (even with a truckload of help) is still no small feat so kudos to this multiple Golden Globe nominee actress.

14 Helena Bonham Carter

 Quirky, but talented actress and wife to an even quirkier and talented movie director Tim Burton is another celebrity who made headlines with her choice and ability to breastfeed.
 This milk from mah boobs mum stated that she had finally found the purpose of her twin peaks after having to carry her melons around for decades. “They’ve finally been put to good use,” she was once quoted saying. Wow, and here I thought they were just accessories for celebrities to flaunt, you know, much like how they wear their Chanel handbag and Jimmy Choo shoes

So happy she finally found a purpose for them! Yippee!

Sarcasm aside, it is wonderful to see a famous actress who didn’t take the breastfeeding phenomena too seriously and shame those who are not able to. And credits to this mother who in her mid forties would still breastfeed her baby despite how tiring it may have been for her.

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