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Prolonging unexpected touches

Once you get to know him and wind up on a date, try to use as little touching as possible, but make them as intensive as they can get. In the middle of your conversation, smile at the point he’s trying to make, touch his hand gently with the tip of your fingers, say something like ‘Oh, you’re so funny’ and look him straight in his eyes. Or if it’s sunny and you’re at the beach for a dinner, touch his feet by mistake. Physical touch is the next step. Let him have a taste of it.

Work your eye contact

The devil is in the detail ladies, do not forget that. Don’t overwork whatever you do. When you stare, do it subtly – the moment you think he is going to look at you, look away. He’ll never know if you’re looking at him or just browsing around him. Once he starts thinking you’re looking at him he’ll get interested in you.


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Smile for him

Having a nice smile automatically draws men. As a matter of fact, you don’t even have to have a gorgeous smile – all you need to do is look happy. Men love happy women. You can use your smile to seduce him, flirt or show that you’re interested. Once you start talking to him, let him know that you’re interested by smiling. You’ll look happy and comfortable, which will only seduce him more. But, remember the thing about subtlety? You need to know when it’s enough. You don’t want to overdo it and let him know you’re interested – then he might use it as HIS advantage.

Flirt with him

For those who managed to perform the previous steps properly, then my ladies, you’ve got yourself a seduced man. Easy, wasn’t it? The next step would be flirting. You need to give him small doses of flirts just to let him know you’re in for the game.

The process is simple – flirting will prolong your conversation and let him know that you’re interested. However, you don’t want him to see through what you’re doing. Feed him teaspoons, not tablespoons. He’ll be drooling over you in no time.


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Don’t throw yourself at him

The number one rule of seduction is never, EVER let him get to you. Your head needs to be cool if you want to get what you want. You don’t want him to know that you’ve got the hots for him. If he find out that you want him (oh so bad) he might use or abuse it. Don’t be too obvious. Don’t try too hard when you try to seduce him. Play it cool and eventually he’ll succumb to your desires.

How many times you played the ‘hard-to-get-you’ card on a guy? Well, when he realizes that you’re trying too hard and that he’s the reason why, he just might start using the same ‘card’. You don’t want to appear needy, do you? Then you need to make it look like he’s seducing you. Give him little hints on how to do it and enjoy in the fruits of your labor.


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Ignore him every now and then

From time to time, ignore him. Why? Well, the answer is quite simple. When people enjoy other people’s company they tend to relax. You don’t want him to think that he’s got you and that he doesn’t need to try anymore. NO. He needs to try even more now that you’ve let him in. There is not a single thing on this planet which can impress you. So ignore him every now and then, just to snap him out of the comfortable zone he’s in. The game is not over yet!


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Create awkward situations

You must have found yourself in an awkward situation at one point in your life. You’ve been introduced to the feeling of pleasant awkwardness. There are plenty of ways to create this kind of situation and turn it in your favor. You can braze against his leg with your butt in a crowded or tight space. If you’re at a gathering, a party or anywhere where he is sitting – come from behind him and lean across his shoulder to grab something in front of him. As soon as he realizes that you’re there, you know what follows.

When you put your arms around him, let him feel your body pressed against his. But please be subtle when you do this. It’s all in the details lady. Don’t be the one to jump on him and let him grab you in whatever way he wants. You’re a lady, act like one. The awkward situations will let him loosen up around you.
Now that you know the little trick on how to seduce your man, you’re good to go. Once again, be subtle and in no time you’ll enjoy the fruits of your labor.


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