Prolonging unexpected touches

Once you get to know him and wind up on a date, try to use as little touching as possible, but make them as intensive as they can get. In the middle of your conversation, smile at the point he’s trying to make, touch his hand gently with the tip of your fingers, say something like ‘Oh, you’re so funny’ and look him straight in his eyes. Or if it’s sunny and you’re at the beach for a dinner, touch his feet by mistake. Physical touch is the next step. Let him have a taste of it.

Work your eye contact

The devil is in the detail ladies, do not forget that. Don’t overwork whatever you do. When you stare, do it subtly – the moment you think he is going to look at you, look away. He’ll never know if you’re looking at him or just browsing around him. Once he starts thinking you’re looking at him he’ll get interested in you.