10 Weird & Amazing Things Found In The Ocean

Underwater River of the Black Sea

Just when you think the things in the ocean cannot surprise you anymore, it knocks you out completely.

Scientists found the flow of water in terrestrial rivers tends to go round the bend, but in underwater rivers, it’s the opposite. This underwater river flows under the Black Sea has an actual ecosystem surrounded by trees, leaves and even a waterfall.

Taking its size into consideration, if it existed on land, it would have been the sixth largest river in the world.

The Lost City of Heracleion

For several centuries, the city of Heracleion existed only in legends and myths. Known in mythology as a city of immense wealth, the discovery of this ancient city solidified the fact it was very much real.

Also known as “Thonis,” it is believed to have disappeared beneath the Mediterranean about 1200 years ago. More than 64 ships were found near the city pointing to the fact that trade was abundant in the city during its heyday. Divers also found massive statues 16 feet high buried in the sand along with several gold coins and other objects of significant value.

At the heart of the underwater city resides the temple to one of ancient Egypt’s supreme gods, “Amun-Gereb.” The discovery shed light on ancient Egyptian culture and life. Experts estimate that at least 200 years is needed to perform an entire excavation of the city.