10 Weird & Amazing Things Found In The Ocean

The Dumbo Octopus

Unlike others in the list, the Dumbo Octopus refers to an entire genus of creatures rather than a single one.

The name covers all the octopuses that fall under the same family of deep-sea umbrella octopuses. They are known to live deep under the ocean at depths of 13,100 feet and below and move much slower than their cousins and use their cute little arms to steer while their tiny fins propel them forward.

Dumbo Octopus forage for small invertebrates and are found very rarely to come into contact with humans

The Underwater City of Pavlopetri

Pavlopetri is a small city that dates back to almost 5000 years and still exists today but completely submerged.

Pavlopetri has roads, houses, gardens, temples, cemetery and even a complicated water management system. Upon further exploration, it was found to span nearly 9 acres and that it is older than “Iliad,” the iconic ancient Greek poem.

The presence of large storage containers spread throughout and Neolithic pottery discoveries led to the conclusion that it must have been a major hub for commerce in its day.