10 Weird & Amazing Things Found In The Ocean

The Frilled Shark

When you think of a shark, a certain image comes to mind fairly easily because it is so iconic. But what if all our perceptions of this prehistoric animal are shattered?

The Frilled shark looks more of a deep sea serpent than a fish due to its unmistakable physical characteristics. There are so many fascinating aspects to this creature such as the way it moves under water. Unlike traditional sharks, this one hovers in the water and is believed to strike its prey like a snake.

Until now, no one has been able to record it feeding so the assumption made by scientists is based more on the way its body is designed. It is typically seen at depths of 390-4200 feet under the oceans and they can grow to a maximum of 6.4 feet. While that size may seem small, do not mistake it to be a docile creature.

The Giant Squid

It’s impossible to discuss the world deep under our oceans without mentioning a sea monster. The Giant Squid is one of the largest creatures to be discovered living deep underwater. One look at this amazing creature and you’ll know why people feared the Kraken.

The biggest one found so far reached nearly 59 feet in length and weighed about a ton. The Blue Whale might be a lot bigger but there’s something intrinsically more frightening about a 60-foot creature with eight arms than a docile and beautiful 100-foot long whale.

The Giant Squid has massive eyes that allow them to see other creatures better in the deepest depths of the ocean. Experts believe species might even feed on small whales.