10 Surreal Places In Europe You Need To See To Believe

Dolomites, Northeastern Italy

Dolomites is a beautiful mountain range located in Northeastern Italy. This mountain group consists of 18 peaks with an elevation above 3000 meters. This site is globally known for its beautiful Alpine landscape which comprises picturesque valleys, lush forests, glaciers, and plains.

UNESCO has been enlisted Dolomites as a World Heritage Site in 2009. Apart from enjoying the jaw-droppingly beautiful landscapes, you can enjoy a wide range of activities in Dolomites including climbing, cycling, skiing, and hiking.

Faroe Islands

Situated between the Norwegian Sea and North Atlantic Ocean, Faroe Islands are a beautiful archipelago of 18 islands. These islands are a part of Kingdom of Denmark. By 2017, this archipelago has a population of just 50000. So, the atmosphere in these villages is calm and quiet.

This remote archipelago is not so popular among international tourists. But these islands have a unique beauty that can enchant any traveler. With high cliffs, majestic mountains, gorgeous waterfalls, picturesque valleys and breathtaking Northern lights attractions are endless here.