10 Most Weird Looking Cars Ever Made

Bugatti Type 57s Aérolithe

Today when we hear the name Bugatti, immediately a supercar like Veyron comes in our mind. But the company have manufactured hundreds of different car models and some of them can easily be considered weird looking, as in the case of Bugatti type 57s. They made several cars with the name “Type 57”, such as 57t, 57c and 57c tank, but this incarnation named 57s Aérolithe was the most outlandish among all of them.

General Motors Le Sabre

The GM LeSabre was the concept car that was revealed in 1951. The design was inspired by aircraft, and elements like the wrap-around windshield and tail fins, are the good manifestations of the inspiration behind it. However, the car wasn’t that weird in 1951, in fact design like this became quite common in automobile during the second half of the decade, but the world is not the same today. Today we can easily claim this car to be one of the most weird looking cars.