10 Most Amazing Sinkholes on Earth

Heavenly Pit, China

The Heavenly Pit sinkhole in China is located in Xiaozhai, Tiankeng in the Chongqing District. It is a double nested sinkhole that measures 662 meters deep, 626 meters long and 537 meters wide, with the upper bowl at 320 meters deep and the lower bowl at 342 meters. The sinkhole certainly did not form overnight, as it gradually occurred over the last 128,000 years. It is arguable the largest sinkhole in the world. It is so big that it is now the site of extreme adventurers who want to go on a BASE jumping trip.

Dean’s Blue Hole, Bahamas

The Bahamas is known as a beach paradise because of its wonderful waters complemented by a generous amount of sunshine and sand. The area is also a mecca for free divers because of a sinkhole known as Dean’s Blue Hole. It is the deepest sinkhole under the sea that is known to men. It goes down to a depth of 203 meters, which is why the entire place is a constant host of the world championship for free diving. It is also probably one of the most beautiful sinkholes on earth. This site is where the free diving record was set at a depth of 92 meters by a man named William Trubridge.