10 Most Amazing Sinkholes on Earth

Berezniki Sinkhole, Russia

Berezniki is a sinkhole in Russia. The sinkhole measures 80 meters long, 40 meters wide and 200 meters deep. It started in 1986 after a potash mine in the area experienced massive flooding. As the sinkhole further worsens, experts calculate that it could eat up the rail line that connects to the potash mine. They are looking for ways to rectify it, as the mine is the source of 10 percent of the supply of potash in the world.

Dead Sea Holes, Israel

The town of Ein Gedi in Israel is home to several thousand sinkholes. At last count, there were already around 3,000 open sinkholes along the coast, with experts believing that there could be twice as more that has not opened up yet. The sinkholes occurred because of the chronic water shortage in the area, exacerbated by a large and growing population. The place has also seen an influx of tourists attracted by the sinkholes, which lead to further water shortage and even more sinkholes, which is what attracted the tourists in the first place. It has become a vicious cycle, and the situation is further worsened by the presence of several chemical factories in the area.