10 Most Amazing Aquariums in the World

Shanghai Ocean Aquarium, Shanghai

One of the largest and most amazing aquariums in Asia, Shanghai Ocean Aquarium is divided into nine different zones, each representing the marine life of a different part of the world. These include the Antarctic zone, Australia zone and the most famous of them all, the China zone. China zone houses various indigenous species, mostly from Yangtze river. The most spectacular feature of the aquarium is the 155 meters long underwater tunnel, the longest of its kind in world. A walk through this tunnel is a unique experience, surrounded by various marine creatures.

L’Oceanografic, Valencia

A part of a complex called the City of Arts and Sciences in the Spanish city, L’Oceanographic is a large marine complex. It houses the largest and most amazing aquariums in Europe, which can hold 1.9 million gallons of water. Featuring nine underwater towers, the aquarium is home to more than 45,000 marine animals across 500 species. The aquarium is divided into several sections representing different ecosystems, and one can enjoy the sight of creatures ranging from birds to mammals.