10 Most Amazing Aquariums in the World

Monterey Bay Aquarium, California

Seals, whales, jelly fish, wolf eels, sardines and sharks are among the residents of the Monterey Bay Aquarium, one of the prominent and most amazing aquariums in the American continent. Opened in 1984, it works with a conservative perspective, housing many endangered creatures. Two gigantic water tanks form the center of attraction of the complex. The Oceans Edge Wing, a 10 meter high tank is dedicated to the coastal life of California while the much larger Outer Bay Wing displays various other sea creatures. There are around 35,000 residents across more than 600 species in the aquarium.

Ushaka Marine World, Durban

The Ushaka marine world is not a mere aquarium, but a wonderful theme park as well. The complex houses 32 tanks, holding a million gallons of water. Various marine creatures are protected there, ranging from sea horses to dolphins and sharks. It is built in the model of a shipwreck, giving the complex a unique charm. There are numerous cafes and shops for those who enjoy shopping, and one of the cafes is worth mentioning. The Cargo Hold restaurant is a special one, where customers can enjoy food while surrounded by a massive tank housing sharks.