10 Incredibly Thrilling Things To Do In New Zealand That Make It The Ultimate Adventure Destination

Get an adrenaline rush as you jump over the Nevis River

Heart-thumping adrenaline rush awaits you at 134 metres above the Nevis River, only 45km from Queenstown. It’s thrilling and is sure to leave you will memories of a lifetime. The drive from Queenstown to the bungy site is a 45 minutes long sightseeing tour in itself.

Other bungee sites around the country are the Auckland Harbour Bridge, Toupo Bungy near Huka Falls and the bungy site near Waikato River.

Enjoy kayaking inside the Whanganui National Park

A fantastic addition to this list of things to do in New Zealand is a canoeing adventure on the 145km-long Whanganui River. The river guides you along the beautiful forested Whanganui National Park.

Paddling down the Whanganui River gives you the opportunity to enjoy and unwind in the wild, with no signs of civilisation for miles. You can also leave the canoe and start an easy hike to an abandoned bridge built in 1936. The bridge has become a coveted spot for curious hikers. This 5-day long adventure along the river and the hike through the national park is also listed among New Zealand’s 9 Great Walks.