10 Incredibly Thrilling Things To Do In New Zealand That Make It The Ultimate Adventure Destination

Take your raft to the Tongariro River

Rafting opportunities are available in the Taupo region of North Island throughout the year. The rivers crisscrossing through the region offer adventure activities ranging from Grade 1 rafting on easy waters to Grade 5 extreme adventure rafting. On Tongariro River, you can enjoy a rafting experience from Grade 2 to 4. Experienced guides will help you understand the safety guidelines and gear is available at the site.

You can also head to other white water rafting sites in the Bay of Plenty and the Hawke’s Ba. Rafting opportunities are also available around Queenstown and the West Coast.

Ski down the slopes of Queenstown – the resort town

New Zealand is home to the Southern Alps, which cut through the land mass offering fine skiing and snowboarding fields. The best spot on the country’s map to enjoy skiing is around the alpine resort town of Queenstown. There are three skiing areas in the South Island that boast of a postcard scenery, azure lakes and a pleasant dining experience in the restaurants of the region. Skiing areas in the North Island are located on an active volcano at Mt Ruapehu. The site is also the country’s largest commercial skiing area.