10 Incredibly Thrilling Things To Do In New Zealand That Make It The Ultimate Adventure Destination

Take skydiving off your bucket list at Lake Wanaka

With world-class adventure amenities and experienced skydivers leading you step by step, skydiving above Lake Wanaka is a bucket list dream for adrenaline junkies around the world. As you drop from 12,000 feet, enjoy stunning views of the rocky mountains of Central Otago District, surrounding snow-capped peaks and the blue and green lakes dotting the terrain below. Another skydiving site to check out in New Zealand is at Lake Taupo, which is also the largest commercial skydiving zone in the world.

Venture into the wild on the Te Araroa Trail

This 3,000km-long hiking stretch starts from Cape Regina in the north and goes till Bluff in the south. Hikers can choose to indulge in a month-long adventure or pick a shorter-section hike. This adventure is for skilled hikers who are familiar with bush craft skills, navigation and survival. You can choose to do an outdoor safety courseor get practical experience in the outdoors before venturing on to this trail.

Hiking here usually starts from October and you don’t need a permit to walk the trail. To reach the starting point, you can take a flight from Auckland to Kerikeri or a bus from Auckland to Kaitaia. Tourist buses take visitors from the spots to Cape Reinga. Trail notes and maps can be acquired from Te Araroa Trust forum.