10 Best Walking And Hiking Trails In Europe

The Cyclades, Greece

Famously known as the “Greek Islands”, the Cyclades constitute a group of around 220 islands spread across the Aegean Sea towards the south eastern part of the Greek mainland. Follow the stone pathways and the donkey trails and you’ll be guided along an animated blue sea towards chapels, windmills, small villages, archaic ruins and more. Spend a memorable hiking holiday by covering the walking trails on foot and getting imbibed in the joy of exploring one new island each day.

Algarve, Portugal

The Algarve Trail constitutes a long distance footpath running across 160 miles from Spain’s border at Alcoutim to the confluence of Portugal’s western and southern coasts. The Algarve track renders the real experience of a long distance walk amidst pleasant climatic conditions. This region offers exclusive walking trails that cover diverse landscapes. From the greenery spread across the hills to the magnificent marine view offered by the seaside cliffs, the Algarve region in Portugal has something or other to offer every enthusiast hiker.