10 Amazing Animals Found Only In Africa

Greater Kudu

Interesting Facts About Greater Kudu

  • Greater kudu is an amazing antelope that native to Eastern and Southern Africa. They inhabit in savannah woodlands and rocky hillsides.
  • Greater kudus are one of the longest-horned antelopes in the world. The impressively twisted horns only found in male kudus. Their horns can grow over a length of 1 meter with 2 and 1/2 twists. Male kudus use their long horns to defend against the predators.
  • The male greater kudus have a body length between 2-2.5 meters and weigh up to 315 kg. The female kudus are smaller than males. They measure 1.85-2.3 meters in length and up to 215 kg in weight.
  • Greater kudus have a brown-grey coat with 5-12 vertical white stripes. They also have distinctive white band between the eyes.
  • Greater kudus are social animals. The female kudos form groups that contain up to 25 members. The male kudos only join in the groups during mating season.
  • This larger species of antelope mainly feed on leaves, grasses, fruits and flowers. In the wild, greater kudus live up to 7 years and in captivity, they can live over 20 years.