10 Amazing Alive Foods in the World


This Korean dish is a hoe which has, as its key ingredient, small octopus, or nakji. The little octopuses are either presented whole, or the tentacles are cut off the live octopus and put straight on the plate. The most stunning part of the dish is that the octopuses are alive, as you have guessed. If you have no heart, the baby octopuses seasoned with sesame oil and seeds are the dish for you.

Frog Sashimi

For this Japanese dish, a living frog is cut open on an ice platter. The sashimi bits are sliced out, and the rest is simmered for a soup. Imagine the skinned leg pieces of the freshly disembowelled frog still dancing when salt is sprinkled. While most of the pieces are raw but dead, the alive part is the heart of the frog, still thumping on the plate when it is served. The whole from head is also plated.